Money has different meanings and utilities for different individuals and at RS Consultants, we pride ourselves in understanding your needs and plans are drawn up accordingly. This is reflected in the fact that we donít meet our prospective clients with power point presentations or brochures and instead, every solution is designed according to customer profile and needs.

Drawing up a plan is only half the story. The success of any financial plan depends on its implementation and our philosophy is to take you through the journey of financial planning. We believe that the process of wealth creation is a long enduring process which requires patience, discipline and commitment. With a team of dedicated professionals, we make the task simpler by keeping you updated at regular intervals of the fresh opportunities for your money, the changing dynamics in the world of wealth management and more importantly, every product/solution is offered only if you are comfortable with it.

As a customer of RS Consultants, you would be updated of your portfolio performance at regular intervals and corrective course of action would be recommended if necessary. Customer has the option of choosing products/services from a plethora of services offered by us.

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